Monday, May 4, 2009

A Vintage Vanity of All Things French

With gifts for Mother's Day as my inspiration, I assembled this little assortment of antiques to decorate a ladies' vanity. If I didn't have little children who like to take my things, this is what my dream vanity would look like. Doesn't the styling and D.'s effects create an interesting look?

Here's break down of the items from left to right: 1. An iridescent glass flower holder used to drape some special pieces from my Rose Idee vintage jewelry collection. 2. A set of 12 hand-embroidered 19th century French jacquard napkins--great to use as guest towels in a bathroom. 3. A gilt brass laurel and oak leaf wreath, used as a trophy/ prize in the tradition of the classical laurel wreaths. 4. An ivory rose bouquet centerpiece from our Beautiful Blooms preserved flower collection. 5. Three handwritten manuscripts, gathered and tied with a dried flower. 6. A delicate tortoise shell and brass inlay jewelry box. 7. A giltwood curtain finial. 8. A sterling silver tumbler (with some of my well-loved fountain pens). 9. A bronze bird paperweight signed by the well-known animal sculptor Paul Comolera. 10. Three old leatherbound books. 11. A bronze mounted porcelain bird "lamp". What's on your dream vanity?

1 comment:

vicki archer said...

It is beautiful Olga - I love your choices and the way you have put them together, xv.

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