Thursday, May 21, 2009

D. ~ The Photographer

I recently received the "extra" photos from our Cottage/Coastal Living photo shoot with photographer Ray Kachatorian. Around our house, D. is the photographer extraordinaire and as a result we never have any pictures of him. He took the picture of himself above with a remote. When I saw that Ray had taken some "behind the scenes" photos of D. with the kids the morning before the shoot, I was thrilled. They reflect what a wonderful father he is and what a close relationship he has with our children.

Our children are at a stage right now in which we are frequently pushed to our patience-limits with whining and crying and fighting (current ages 5, 2, and 6 months) but there are many magical moments when we can sit back and watch them do amazing things and ask profound questions. With all our efforts at being good parents, once in a while we do smile and are so proud of our little ones accomplishments. Other times we simply wonder "what are we doing wrong?" I hope and pray that our kids will grow up to be "successful" socially-conscious adults. I place quotation marks around successful because I feel that there is a broad spectrum in the definition of "success". I certainly do not mean just having some money in the bank. Spirituality, culture, social development and many more dimensions are just as important. So how do we define "success" for our children? And how do we expect them to achieve?


vicki archer said...

These photographs of D and the children are gorgeous. I had my three children as close together so I understand this post very well. The fighting between them never stops and the issues that they fight over remain non important and silly; the whining and the crying do however relent! The magic only gets better Olga - happy weekend, xv.

DolceDreams said...

It sounds like you have a good handle and at least understanding on it....I am constantly tried and then plagued with fear/ I handling this right, will they turn out okay? And then I realize how my generation turned out just fine, and we were not raised not nearly so protectively, and I lighten up and know it is all good! Your blog is very beautiful and I have no idea how, with 3, you have the time :).
Enjoy the holiday today,
Dolce Dreams

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and honest post about the beauty of a dear husband, the challenges and joys of young children.

My daughters are now 15 and 18 (next week!) and I can not believe how far we all have come, the challenges we have faced and the joy that they continue to bring.

I extend blessings of patience, peace, and the comfort of knowing that "this too will pass" and one day, before you know it, it will be just you and your husband once again...

Tricia - Avolli

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