Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alhambra (Antiques) Brings New Life to an Old World Space

Alhambra (Antiques) continues to redefine the boundaries of the antiques trade with their latest offering: the design works of contemporary French artist Eric Besson. At a time when many antiques stores are closing their doors, Alhambra (Antiques) continues to take their 20-year venture in ever-expanding directions.

“We don’t offer only antiques,” says Olga Granda-Scott, “my hope is that we offer the unconventional – items and objects of distinction. We appeal to people who have a strong sense of individuality – and of course good taste.”

After undergoing aesthetic renovations during the spring, the repurposed space will open again with a new look and fresh vibe. A cross between antiques store, art gallery, and cultural space, the “new old” Alhambra (Antiques) is an experience not to be missed. Exhibits will be curated to include unparalleled vintage, antique, and select contemporary offerings sprinkled with innovative creative artists who share a similar aesthetic.

The first exhibit, opening on June 16th, will feature hand-forged furniture by French artist Eric Besson. Mr. Besson works with pieces of industrial repurposed metal creatively mixed with vintage elements. His work has been selected by leading designers for important commercial projects, including the flagship John Varvatos store in New York City. The collection exhibited at Alhambra (Antiques) features furniture works with sleek lines adorned with letters from old printing houses.

Mr. Besson’s work will be exhibited alongside the whimsical sculptural work of Italian artist Fiorella Chelini, the surrealist paintings of Asser Saint Val, and the arrival of a new shipment of antiques from all over Europe.

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