Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cottage Living Photo Shoot

So one of my little dreams came true last month when I convinced the people at Cottage Living
to feature our little Old Spanish cottage in their magazine. The shoot was a three day event. Pictured here are Kim Sunee, food editor; Claire Perez, independent food stylist extraordinaire; Heather Chadduck, stylist; and Ray Kachatorian, photographer.

It all started when Kim wanted to buy a French bookcase from our website. She mentioned she could try to "source" it in her magazine, which gave me the brilliant idea of trying to send her some before and after shots of our house remodel.
This is what our house looked like when we purchased it. Not quite sure what we were thinking. ..Oh, yeah, only the fact that our neighbors in Little Havana had roosters which didn't let Monsieur Scott sleep at night. Her e are a few more: 1. the kitchen, 2. the living/dining rooms, 3. the back of the house....I think you get the idea. I'll write more about it tomorrow. Every little detail!

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