Friday, June 20, 2008

Matadors and Clients

This is a French sign which was a gift to me from a dealer in the South of France. The literal translation is The price attracts the customers, only the quality retains them. This phrase is probably true of any business. I'd like to think that our personal service is one of the reasons our customers are faithful to us. I will admit that it gets tricky at times when we are overwhelmed with "stuff" to do or clients are difficult about something. But we certainly try our best.

On our last buying trip I fell in love with these matador jackets at an antiques fair. My intention was to keep the yellow one and wear it for a special event. Perhaps with a ruffled white shirt and some tight black pants. This week we wanted to post something colorful on 1stdibs and so we posted the set of three on antique window mannequins. They sold in one day. And I could have sold them twice! So know I'm a little bummed because I didn't save one for myself. Alas, guess I'll have to go back to France. Next trip is scheduled for early September.

I'm really enjoying the non-fiction course I'm taking. We are reading essays from various journalists or writers which is giving me great pleasure. I have to make myself read more, it is definitely something I've put off since graduating from college that I'm loving in a different way now that it is more leisurely. My mother returns from Spain tonight where she was pitching her book to some publishers. We'll see what news she has. Have great weekend.

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