Sunday, June 29, 2008

Colds in Summer

I've been meaning to write for a few days now. I've officially managed to contract the evil cold from hell in the middle of the hot Miami sweltering heat. It just seems to me to be an oxymoron to have a cold when it is 90 degrees outside. But alas, my wonderful family has taken off with the two children (my husband and my parents) to that I am left alone to wallow in my misery. Did I mention that I can't take any decongestants since I'm pregnant? Yes, hot tea and chicken soup is about it.
This week, Doug and I have been mulling over our budget/finances and deciding what to do with the rest of our summer. He dreads the thought of a three day weekend at home with the kids so he's been thinking about driving up to Atlanta to spend the 4th of July at my sister's place. It would be nice to go meet Sofia for the first time, she's now 6 weeks. My Puerto-Rican cousins are there for the week as well. We are also going to go to Indiana to visit Doug's family for a few days in August. This will be especially nice for Cecilia, who will get to go to the lake and see her 5 cousins, and grandparents.
We conceded to the fact that we need to buy a mini-van for the three carseats. Now I'm trying to convince Doug that we only need one car. We only use the second car maybe once a week. I think this is a waste of money. I want to trade in both of our cars for a nice new Honda Odyssey with all the bells and whistles. He argued he didn't know anyone who had one car and I questioned if any of those people also work together. We have a five mile travel radius between work-home-my parents house-schools, etc. Who needs two cars? Sure it might me a little inconvenient once in a while but I'm convinced that it is all about an attitude adjustment. Once you only have one car, then you plan your life that way. Plus, we'll save on gas, insurance, and help the environment.
My last home project for the week was to get a bed put in Marcelo's room so that we can take apart the crib. Doug doesn't want to take apart the crib now because he figures just as soon as he's done lugging it to the store for storage, since we have NO storage space whatsoever in this house, then he'll have to bring it right back for the next baby. I reminded him that 1) the baby won't sleep in the crib right away since we have a bassinet 2) this means it will collect dust for 6-8 months 3) it is better for Marcelo's transition in to a "big boy bed" for the crib to disappear as opposed to him suddenly seeing it be taken over by his new baby sister. When my mom came over today she came to the same conclusion on her own and my husband looked over at me and asked if I had set him up! No, it's just the logical solution. Plus, I will be very happy to have more space in Marcelo's little room, even if just for my piece of mind. Now if we could just get Marcelo to stay in his bed all night...

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