Monday, June 23, 2008

Marcelo's First Trip to France May 2007

Since I did a post on Cecilia's first trip to France, I thought it only fair that I do one for Marcelo too. He was only three months when we took him for the first time. He was always a calm baby--until now when he's starting to get into quite a bit of mischief. I had forgotten what a baldie he was. He does have some hair now, a strawberry blonde tone. This trip was in May 2007, he went again in November 2007. Little boys are definitely completely different than little girls, it is hard to explain, but as a mother you simply feel differently towards them. Something I haven't quite figured out is that it was instinctual for me to speak to Cecilia in Spanish from the time she was born. Not so with Marcelo, somehow his blue eyes and pale skin remind me so much of his father that I speak to him in English! I have to correct this or he will never learn Spanish. Cecilia spoke only Spanish until she started going to school and now she prefers English. I have her in Spanish camp for one month and I do think it is helping. I do miss the days when she thought I spoke no English and would translate whatever my husband said. It was so sweet. We have to decide when we'll introduce French as well. Hopefully when they are a bit older we can spend some summers in France.

on the airplane

with Martine from Paris

with my father on a Parisian bridge along the Seine

the watermill in Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue

lunch at a cafe in Isle

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Douglas Scott said...

I love Marcelo! He'll love these when he's older.

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