Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wallpaper Sacrilege or Some Thanksgiving Fun

Last Thursday was "Design Week" at the DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas), which featured visits by some pretty big heavy weights in the Design World presenting new lines of furniture or fabrics, etc...Barclay Butera, Kathryn Ireland, Lillian August, Amy Lau to name a few. Popular blogger, Claudia Strasser was at Pierre Deux presenting their new line and talking about her French flea market escapades. It's always fun to meet people in person after you've read about them and their lives.
One of the best little parties going on while I was visiting during the "Fall Market Event" on Thursday was the grand opening of the Romo

True to their British roots, their party was entitled "Come together for Beatlemania" and featured black and white vintage photos of the band with the appropriate endless soundtrack. My takeaway from this little shindig was a goodie bag filled with all their newest catalogs (after some delicious hors d'oevres and vino). I must say that they have really stunning textiles, here are a few photos from their website:

When I came home with a bag full of their catalogs, my five year old started to leaf through them with great interest. She also had a Thanksgiving project to do for her class. The task was to "disguise" their turkey so that he wouldn't be eaten on Thanksgiving. With catalogs strewn all over the table we both thought--we can camouflage him with wallpaper! (Okay, so this might not have been everyone's logical response, but it was ours!) Here is a close-up of the result:

Can you find these fine paper samples on our turkey?

Here he is....Wallpaper sacrilege or Thanksgiving fun?

She was very proud to take him to school becuase she knew there was no way anyone else's turkey would be remotely similar. I was a little nervous, but she got an "E" for excellent. Thanks God her teacher had a sense of humor.


Red Door Home said...

What a fun project! My daughter also loves to take "samples" of all the fabric I use and turn them into blankets for her stuffed animals, wrapping paper, etc.

jvw home said...

Love it! The turkey looked adorable!
Thanks for sharing the Romo line also..adore the "lovebirds" wallpaper & have requested the brochure.....
happy thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! We had the same project and made ours a rather pitiful butterfly. Yours is WAAAAY more beautiful and glamorous:)

Juliana Antique Textiles

Anonymous said...

Tell your daughter I really like that turkey she took to school - the best lesson was not about pilgrims and turkey (which I am sure she learned about in the classroom) but about images, design and her mommy's great sense of the creative! Happy Thanksgiving!

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