Friday, November 13, 2009

Preparing a Thanksgiving Table

This week, my thoughts have turned to the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to create a vintage, French-themed table to inspire my clients. One of my goals was to incorporate some not-so-expensive items, so that my customers don't feel like they have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful and charming table. I began my process by creating a tablescape that was not a "set" table:

I focused it on this small still life painting which I thought represented to be largely what Thanksgiving is all about: giving thanks for the bounty of our nation and eating good food!

After adding a few more items around it, I was not pleased with the end result because the set did not really convey the message of a real Thanksgiving table. So, I started over. This time I began thinking about the elements I wanted to be sure to incorporate. I also had in mind a specific fall color scheme.

Some French vintage napkins ($25. each)

antique Villeroy & Boch majolica plates ($150. each)

Sarreguemines transferware dishes ($35. each) and set of 12 Puiforcat dessert spoons and server (set $1200.--ok, I realize that isn't cheap but they are 19th century sterling and vermeil!)

A few more details here and there and...voila! the tablescape that I sent out to all my customers:

In case you are thinking that this is not hard work, here is a picture of our photo session so you can get an idea of how detailed this whole process actually is. D. is a very talented photographer and he just launched his personal website.

A few more options for your Thanksgiving table:

A pair of English bone china Royal Crown Derby plates ($275. each)

And because I can't load my entire inventory onto my blog, you better just click over to the new Tabletop category page we created on our website. Happy Thanksgiving planning!


Martha said...

I covet those spoons! It's nice to show how to make a nice table without spending a fortune!

Love those napkins as well -- I love vintage linens!

The Curious Connoisseur said...

Comme toujours, very stylish and still approachable! Of course it's work to set it up and photograph it as fetchingly as Douglas does - in addition to the concept with which you unfailingly create with such apparent effortlessness. However all your suggestions are excellent and inspiring!

vicki archer said...

Beautiful table and those spoons.....xv

emily_drew said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your holiday ideas! By the way, the pheasant plates you feature above are gorgeous. In fact, I'm going to browse your other offerings on your website right now....

Furniture removalists said...

The table looks fabulous. Your silverware and glassware are beautiful. I love the table set up you made.

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