Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Room Transformation

For several months, I have been wanting to "freshen up" my living room. While other parts of our house get lots of light, the living room is a bit dark as it only has one window. You can recall what it looked like from our magazine feature:
Basically, we had this sofa and armchair:

Both are beautifully carved French Louis XIV or Regence pieces, but a little on the heavy side.
So, I decided to switch them out for these:

A Louis XVI style Giltwood settee with white canvas upholstery (and some artist renderings).

And a Louis XVI style Giltwood Bergere with antique hemp bed linen upholstery.

I am very pleased with the results. The room looks lighter and cleaner. I changed the little table to a giltwood caned bench that goes perfectly with the two giltwood pieces as well as one side table we already had. And I also cleaned off the mantel and have only these Italian antique candlesticks on either side of the mirror with one framed reliquary leaning in the center.

You may be wondering how it is that all these items at my house are still for sale on our website...yes, I keep everything there and when someone wants something it gives me a great excuse to redecorate! Once in a while, when I can't part with something I have to mark it sold, but usually--why not try out something new, it's a perk of the business!

And now....for my big announcement! We are putting our charming house on the market! We have decided to try to sell and move on to a new house-project. Or perhaps just rent for a while and see what comes along. I think my new furnishings will help give an elegant yet not too busy look to the room. And of course they are all for sale too! What do you think?

I want to thank all my new readers for passing by! Thanks to Joni at Cote de Texas for posting a link to my previous post, I surpassed 1000 viewers! And I now have 50 subscribers! (This is nothing to BIG, famous bloggers like her but it's very exciting for amateurs like me!)


vicki archer said...

I love your new additions Olga and can imagine your sitting room looks just lovely. Good luck with the house sale - that sounds exciting, xv.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

I agree, lighter furniture always opens up a space, especially for selling -your house is lovely, good luck..

Anonymous said...

Hi Olga, I love your new pieces, they're modern and playful. Thanks so much for sending in your photo for my vanity project, it's gorgeous like the rest of your work!

SY:-D said...

I looooove the sofas and chair. Beautiful room.

That comment about amateur bloggers is hilarious. I know exactly how you feel :-). I'm one too.


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