Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Children's Rooms

I am just back from our family vacation to Indianapolis (where my husband is from) and a family reunion in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. We had a great time with the kids driving through the corn and soybean fields and seeing a different side of the America we live in. The weather was also fantastic, nice and cool, quite a change from the scorching, humid heat we are now experiencing in Miami.

As promised, I have photographed the two children's rooms for your viewing pleasure. First we will be begin with the girls' room.

It began as Cecilia's room when we moved into the house and became Paola's as well a few months ago. Cecilia's nursery, at our previous house had been painted yellow and had rather gender-neutral decor so when I got the chance to start over I went super girly. I painted the room a very soft pink--very light as to not be overwhelming. Her bed, is antique (of course!), a French iron daybed.

One of my close friends gave her as a "house warming" gift the opportunity to have custom bedding made at a charming boutique that used to be in downtown Coral Gables called Kate and Leo. I worked with them on the design and they had it made in Brazil. I was very sad when they closed as I would have liked to have matching bed linens for Paola.

Anyway, there is a hot air balloon light fixture, not old, but charming and handcrafted in Italy.

An antique marbletop nightstand with an old porcelain handpainted lamp that was a gift from a fellow antiques dealer. Over that there is a pastel of an angel, a study of an Annunciation by Da Barocci.

On the other side there is a collection of two drawings and an engraving of children and/or angels collected during my travels.

As we live in an old house with little to no closet space, we needed a practical piece of furniture for all of baby's clothes, bed linens, etc. We had this armoire whitewashed with a light pink paint to go in the room. It is very roomy and has room for everything from books to socks.

The window treatments and rug are from Pottery Barn Kids---easy and convenient--- and I fell in love with the animal-themed pink and green toile drapes.

Now on to Marcelo's room.

His bed is a mahogany Empire period sleigh bed, circa 1820.

Just like Cecilia, it is smaller than an American twin-size bed so I had to have mattresses custom made but they are close enough that I can just purchase twin sheets. I use his old crib bumper (also from Kate and Leo) as a railing and it works great! Plus, I'm not ready to give up those sailboats yet. He has a mobile with little wooden sailboats hanging from the ceiling and a wooden oar with his name painted (PBK).

As a dresser and changing table we have a antique chest that is painted with a nautical theme as if it had been on a ship--I always thought it would be perfect for a boys' room.

There are some framed vintage maps on the wall that I purchased from the booksellers on the banks of the Seine river in Paris.

I left everything as it is and didn't stage these photos too much so that you could see that we and the kids really live with all these antiques everyday.

During our vacation we had more than 30 potential buyers and brokers view our house and we received two offers. We have accepted one and will be having inspections today. I'm looking forward to starting over and decorating another house soon!


Lisa said...

Yep, I can vouch for it, the pics look just like the rooms I saw when I visited you...absolutely stunning! Congrats on the quick sale and good luck with the new home.

Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek omg I love your daughter's antique bed and chandalier and I love your son's dresser and oar clothes holder!!! C'est magnifique!

Sandy :)

DolceDreams said...

Your children's rooms are beautiful...right up my alley! If you have a chance check my shop, you may find it in your style.
Such a coincidence, my son who is 8 is also named Marcello....not too many Marcello's out there! I was worried that it is such a strong name but he truly is a Marcello and loves his name to the bone.
How fun to move into a new home, best of luck to you!

vicki archer said...

Olga, the children's bedrooms are just heavenly. I can imagine that you are very excited to start over with a new project. Good luck with the house....Happy Sunday, xv.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet baby! Thank you for sharing your children's bedrooms with us. They are charming and perfect!

Tricia - Avolli

Red Door Home said...

Just discovered your beautiful blog courtesy of Cote de Texas! As I am in the middle of resoing my daughter's room, I loved looking at your children's rooms. Can't wait to see more.

Mari said...

I am thoroughly enjoying looking at the pictures. The rooms are beautiful and I am so glad you found a home with so much charm and potential. Love it!!!

Lucy said...

Hello, I just found your blog through Cote de Texas and wanted to catch up a bit...so I think I'm in a older post but I love it! I don't if mothers realise just how much your influence your child's visual/imaginative landscape for their whole life by what they see around them when they are little. You have given them so many wonderful details to absorb. I had a pink and green room when I was little and ever since I have found the combination so soothing. Whenever times are bad, I have to go back to it!

andrew1860 said...

I love your French Empire Sleigh bed. I'm thinking about buying a American Empire Sleigh Bed that is close to yours but without the inlay.

Anonymous said...

Please please spill the beans on where you found the hot air balloon chandelier! I've been looking for one everywhere. Loving your blog!

Kaz said...

I Loveee..... the sleigh bed I love the way the bed is styled I have been looking all over the UK for cushions similiar to those 3 you have as like back rests at the back. I think this gives it a double function as a daybed any ideas of how I can obtain get hold of these.

Thank you

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