Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A great idea for Valentine's Day: Beautiful Blooms!

On my last trip to Paris last fall, I stayed a few extra days to attend the amazing Maison et Objet fair. This is a huge international event where thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers go to sell their wares to thousands of dealers and merchants. When I say thousands, I am not exaggerating. The exposition center outside of Paris, near the Roissy airport has eight or nine buildings the size of a standard convention center here. I had never been to such a big show and so at first I was definitely overwhelmed. The focus of the fair is anything for the home, which ranges from table linens and bedding to cutting edge furniture and garden statuary. My goal was to find a new, interesting product to offer my clients that they couldn't find anywhere else.
The result: beautiful blooms! A selection of preserved flowers, beautifully arranged that make wonderful decorations or gifts. I was taken aback by the beauty of the roses which look absolutely fresh but can last for years, particularly the red ones. I chose to offer them in a dozen-rose bouquet (below) or a fifteen-rose arrangement wrapped with cinnamon sticks (above.) Part of the collection includes spheres wrapped in either moss, sage leaves, ivy leaves, or lichen. There are also some bunnies covered in the sage leaves I couldn't resist not buying. Here are some of my in-store displays:

We are offering a 10% discount on them for Valentine's Day, so if you'd like to send someone some flowers this year that will last for years to come, visit our store's website. The roses also come in off-white and peach.


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Oooh, I need some off white ones! I'll come by tomorrow with my vase to see how they fit. Yay! Thanks!

vicki archer said...

I would love to go to that show in Paris and every year I promise I will, but I haven't as yet. Your roses look lovely and I hope you received a gorgeous bunch for yourself. Thank you for stopping by French Essence, glad to have found you. xv

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