Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Au Revoir Domino

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Domino magazine. As many probably know already, Domino magazine has been shut down, following in the footsteps of Cottage Living (closed 11/08) and Country Home (also closed last month). What is most disconcerting is that Domino really was one of the few magazines that, to me, had a purpose. It was a practical, hands-on magazine that supported up-and-comers, had great photography, and was packed with interesting, useful articles. It is shocking to me that more people did not subscribe. In business, you often assume that if you offer a great product at a great price, and market yourself well, you will succeed. I would venture to say that Domino was a victim of the explosion of home and design magazines that surfaced over the last few years as real estate and home makeover shows skyrocketed in all directions. Unfortunately this explosion spread advertising dollars too thin with no one sure where to put their money. And that's why I say, if you really like a publication, subscribe to it! Magazines are insanely inexpensive when you subscribe - to the tune of usually half off. Advertisers put their money where the subscriptions are, not whether or not we've browsed through it at the airport.

What I also liked about Domino, of course, is that they often featured antiques. In the current age of mid-century, Ikea and "clean lines," it was nice to see a magazine throw caution to the wind and demonstrate repeatedly that good design is not about one style versus another, but the ability to put things together that work. Even as someone who loves antiques, I still mix styles in my own home because I love the look. And that is what brought me to select this particular issue of Domino, which featured Drew Barrymore's home office makeover by Ruthie Sommers.

A great example of going with your heart on some things is a quote from designer Ruthie Sommers from the page above, which says: "Drew decorates intuitively. She falls in love with individual pieces - and somehow they always end up working together... I told Drew that chair (above) was totally wrong for that room - but of course it ended up being perfect."

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Jmshults said...

This is one of my favorite magazines! I didn't renew my subscription this year as I was thinking more about babies and less about decorating but I am so saddened to hear that they are shutting the publication down. I agree with you about the use of different styles within the rooms. I am myself by no means a great decorator but was always inspired by the magazines plethora of images, articles, and decorative ideas!

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