Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Redesigning our Home (again!)

Hopefully you recall what our living room looked like the last time I featured it:
Most of the items at our home (with some important exceptions) we maintain actively for sale on our website, so we frequently have to start over again with the design of living spaces. The first thing to sell was the great industrial coffee table, gone to Greenwich Village in NYC, via 1stdibs. We are still in need of a great coffee table. Those are really hard to find. My husband had seller's remorse after that sale. The next thing I changed (not because of a sale but just because I liked them better) was the pair of white-painted armchairs. Instead, I took home this pair of comfortable French bergeres:

But alas, those are now on their way to Hong Kong, so I decided to bring home some rough leather moustache club chairs for a totally different look:

The same week I sold the charming white settee to a designer from Illinois. So off that went and my only choice was this more formal gilt settee which I upholstered in a light burlap to dress it down. I think it makes a fun contrast with the club chairs.

I never really liked the proportions of the little table in the corner with the pink table lamp next to such a big mirror...
so I brought home this amazing antique processional statue. I'm sure you've figured out by now that I have a weakness for religious pieces, though part of what I love is its sculptural qualities.

She is sitting on this appropriate gothic style side table (also originally for processions):

I don't have pictures of the new room because my camera was stolen (grrrr....) but I'll have a new one soon, I promise!


Beadboard UpCountry said...

Just discovered your blog! delightful! I can relate I have a small shop and we have things come and go out of the house too. It makes me crazy. I love your room it has all the good bones to be very French. Just gorgeous!!!!!Maryanne :)

red ticking said...

your life sounds just like mine... but isnt 1stdibs wonderful??? i like to touch and see everything i buy but the internet works so why fight it! love the leather chairs... so happy to have found your blog... happy lent... xx

Michele said...

I think your home is absolutely beautiful.

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