Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1: The Zoo

Today I had signed up to chaperone Cecilia's class on their field trip to the Miami Metro Zoo. I had secretly hoped the field trip for which I would be selected would suit my interests a little more, such as the previous two, one to a musical theater performance, the other to a museum. But as these things go, I got to go to the zoo. First we rode on a traditional yellow bus, combinations of memories from my days riding buses to school everyday (all through elementary and middle school) along with the days in which I drove a bus while a supervisor at my former high school crossed my mind as I regretted choosing a thin jean jacket over a warmer fleece. The rest of the trip was basically one chaotic adventure in keeping 3 six year olds under my fold while also trying to keep up with the rest of the class. The best part--at least for me--was the ride home when I got a few minutes to catch up with Ceci's teacher. She let me know that she was recommending Cecilia for the gifted program. As most parents, we think our children are the greatest thing that ever happened to us, but when someone else thinks our kids truly are bright we can only be so proud. And hope that in these few years we have to teach them something...we do something right!

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vicki archer said...

I remember those excursions...the fun destinations and the not so exciting. What I also remember most was how happy my children were if I came along - they always loved that it was their mother on the bus. Precious times...xv

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