Monday, September 14, 2009

The New House Project Begins

It's been hard to find the time to get some posting in but I finally downloaded some of the "before" photos of the new house I'm working on. We have worked out a "live-in staging" agreement in which we are doing the property management, cleaning and sprucing up the house, as well as furnishing it and styling it so that it shows its best. It is also a 1926 Old Spanish, like our previous house, but more majestic and on a very large lot. Unfortunately, due to the fact that has been rented for the past three years, it is not in the best condition. The outdoors in particular are very overgrown and in dire need of some clean up. I took these photos once we began painting the interior so you won't get to see how dirty the walls in some areas were. But at least you get to see it empty before we get to "work our charm"!

Facade of the house, looks charming with the vines over the roof, but they are a real problem as this type of vine is extremely aggressive and has been allowed to simply take over!

Once inside, staircase in the foyer, there is also a small powder room to the right of the staircase. Note the white river pebble flooring... I love it!

The ceiling in the foyer has this faux ceiling mural...the realtors hate it and have asked us to paint over it. It doesn't bother me that much though I do think faux finishes are a little passe.

Shot of the foyer and front door from the living room.

Living room with dining room in the background through the arches.

Living room with fireplace.

These French doors are on the wall opposite the fireplace and open to a courtyard.

These next photos are of the den/ family room. Unfortunately, I didn't get to photograph it before they primed it, three walls were the same grey color as the rest of the house and one wall was a dark chocolate brown. The room only has that lone sconce so it is very dark. We are painting it a beige-yellow and the ceiling white. We will also bring in some more light. The floors are a neutral travertine. In the rest of the house, the original wood floors were white-washed for a lighter look.

These next pictures are of the laundry room, which is just off the kitchen (my pics are a little out of order here, I'm not sure why). The previous tenant kept her dog in this room, as evidenced all over the walls (not to mention the stench!) This is a major upgrade for us to have an indoor laundry as it was outside in our previous house. It also has a built-in ironing board and a great view of the fruit trees in the yard. This is the only door to the yard.

(Not quite sure about the flying saucer light fixture!)

Next is the dining room:

And the fun contemporary, Italian-style kitchen:

I don't know how I managed not to take a photo of the opposing side which is the neater of the two with a giant chalk board behind the stove. I'll have to get that in the next round. Well, stay posted for some dramatic changes as well as pictures of the outside of the house.


Kathleen, Lamar and Olivia Kauffman said...


What fun! I will be glad to watch the progression of the house through your blog!!! See you soon, Kathleen

PS you can check out our blog too if you want

Elise said...

It looks as though work is progressing really well - look forward to the next stage.... well done you !

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Looks great! Love that pebble floor entryway! My first time here. Can't wait to catch up on a few more of your posts!
Happy Weekend!

Morning T said...

Found you through Joni and I'm so glad I did, your antiques are incredible as is your home. I love your river rock entry flooring and your blue walls, just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Adore your house! Could you lengthen the two windows in your family room or replace with French doors? Happy remodeling! The front facade is stunning!

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