Monday, April 20, 2009

An Unveiling at Neiman Marcus

Once in a while, I get to escape from the store and run off to fun lunches with the girls, like this one, last Thursday at Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour. The occasion was the unveiling of the latest issue of Social Affairs magazine. Lydia Prio-Touzet was honored with being the cover girl this month for all the philanthropy she does in our community. Here she is with Norma Quintero, editor and publisher of the magazine and a representative of NM.

Trish Bell, Lydia, Jennifer Valoppi, Serena Simkins, and Fran Harris were also honored in the magazine for their work with Women of Tomorrow, a mentorship organization. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then enjoyed a preview of the newest Spring and Summer fashions. Some I liked and some I didn't...

A wonderfully light dessert!

My partner-in-crime, Karla wearing a Rose Idee Collection Necklace.

Designer Fernando Sanchez breaking down on the runway!

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