Friday, August 29, 2008

Truly dancing through Paris

Through summer vacation, getting the kids off to schoool, and everything in between, I've completely been neglecting my blog. Today I'm off on my whirlwind tour of France until Monday, the 8th. I know I should be looking forward to all the good eats and possible adventures but I'm rather apprehensive, it keeps getting harder and harder to leave Doug and the kids to fend for themselves. Not that Doug can't handle it, but it's 10 days with no mommy, and no kids like that.
Cecilia has been overwhelming the two of us lately with all her "wants", she is constantly asking for something, a new toy, new shoes, new movies. Wherever we go whether it be the supermarket or Target, she believes she deserves to get something. She is truly in a "me" centered world. And I don't think we have ever been excessive parents with her. Yes, she has a room full of toys and dolls but I know plenty of people whose kids have a lot more toys than Cecilia. When I told her I was leaving to France, her first question was: "are you going to bring me something?" No questions about why or how long. The only other question was "why can't I go too, you took me when I was a baby?" I was almost comforted by this question. At least she had some other interest than acquiring more "stuff."
We've decided to put her in a soccer mini-league to help her learn some athletic skills as well as (hopefully) some concentration. In typical fashion her main concerns were 1. "winning the soccer trophy" and 2. wearing the "right" clothes. I succumbed to buying her the right clothes, though hesitated, because she did look rather ridiculous in her plaid bermuda shorts. I've never bought her sportswear because I'm such a sucker for nice clothes. Alas, in this situation it was only appropriate. Soccer is not the most feminine sport but I figure she can always take ballet later. I need something that will wear her out! And she's going to take violin as well. Keeping my fingers crossed on the concentration there.
I'm off to pack--my least favorite thing in the world. It just makes me anxious. I hope to take lots of pictures and come back with lots of stories about the French. Stay tuned.

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