Friday, May 23, 2008

My return from Italy

I've been having a rather hard time readjusting to life/work since my return from Italy on Tuesday. The fact that summer has basically begun here in Miami, i.e. 95 degree weather and super quiet days at the shop don't help. During my trip I thought of all sorts of things to blog about, all of which have seemed to vanish into thin air upon my flight's very late descent.
One of the conclusions that Doug and I have come to is that while we have enjoyed our trips to Spain and Italy, we are undoubtedly helpless francophiles. The art in Italy is unrivaled but there is something in the air--and the food in France which just makes us feel at ease. So while we'd love to see a few more places such as Eastern Europe and South America, we've conceded that when in doubt--go to France!
I've been feeling a lot more pregnant the past few days. If only I could take a few naps a day...
I thought I would return from my trip with new inspiration but instead I feel a little lost. Not quite sure in what direction I should be moving. As mentioned in my first post I'm ready to do something new, I just need a new opportunity, I need to create something new for myself. I need to find some purpose to my work. I don't want to feel like I just come to work to pay the bills, and lately I've been feeling a little of that.
I promise to post a summary of my trip to Italy shortly.

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