Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Get this Charming Look Now

The wonderful ladies of The Skirted Roundtable mentioned this House Beautiful Dream Kitchen and it inspired me to create the same look for the breakfast room with antiques and accessories currently available at Alhambra Antiques. Of course, we don't have the house nor custom cabinetry, but I think if you have the room I could create the same feel and look.

Let's begin with the back wall. On top of the closed armoires are French demijohns, we have the exact ones:
Next, the wall arrangement is anchored by a sunburst mirror like this one:

Moving downward, there are decorative plates for color, some options could be:

asparagus plates

or oyster plates.

Below the plates, there is a series of colored prints. This is from a series of six chromolithographs:

Here's the photo of the room again, so you don't lose sight of what we are working on:

Now we go to the counter accessories. First a set of lamps, I can offer the choice of one of these two pairs:

lamps made from vintage bathtub feet

or these made from garden urns.

They have also selected some antique gold wood fragments mounted on stands. I have had similar fragments such as wings as they have, but at the moment I have this interestingly carved piece:

Now let's move on to the table and chairs. I have two proposals for chairs. For either set, we can have custom-made cushions to match the drapes. The first is this set that I just purchased in Paris:

And now for the table. We could try this marbletop one:

Or, we do have one with a similar iron base and wood top as the one pictured:

The only thing is that is that ours currently has a pietra dura marbletop on it that does not fit the style we are currently trying to acheive. So just imagine it without the marbletop, and with a rustic wood top instead.

To finish it all off, add a stunning yet rusty lantern for a light fixture. It is a little more ornate than the one used in the "Dream Kitchen" but I think it will add a piece de resistance to the set.

What do you think? Did I acheive success? Did I create your dream breakfast room?


cotedetexas said...

I love this! what a great article and thank you! I'm going to post this on the left side of my blog.
thanks again so much for your comment.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I love this, you are good.

vicki archer said...

A gorgeous look Olga and you have chosen everything beautifully, xv.

Karena said...

Beautiful, I love your site. You could work wonders for me!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed both with your eye for duplicating a beautiful room and your business sense to do it with your shop inventory. Much success and I hope your efforts result in many sales!

Tricia - Avolli

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful post...I love those green French demijohns.

Linda Merrill said...

How fun! Your selections are gorgeous! Thanks for continuing the conversation!

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